Does Your Roof Need Repair or Replacement?

Does Your Roof Need Repair or Replacement?

Many homeowners will only restore or repair their roof if there is a leak. But this is hardly the only sign that you need to repair your roof. Your roof might be at the end of its useful line, but how do you determine whether your roof needs a repair or a restoration.

Age of the roof

pressure-cleaningHow old is your roof? The expected life of a typical roof is 20 – 25 years. A roof that is about 20 years old and getting some leaks will require restoration. Failing to restore the roof will only require more repairs that will eventually add up to a hefty sum.

If your roof is new and the damage is limited, as a roof restoration Melbourne expert we recommend a simple roof repair to the damaged area. A well-ventilated roof that is still in a good shape should survive a few more years without needing a roof restoration.

Scope of the issues

A leak can be as a result of many different roofing problems other than just the age of the roof. If the age of the roof doesn’t set a course for action, our roofing Melbourne experts will help you shed some light on it.

  • Check for loose materials around your chimney, pipes, vents or any other area where the roof has been penetrated and sealed.
  • Are there any sags? Inspect your roof from the inside and the outside for signs of a sagging roof. A sag is a sign of roof damage and calls for immediate attention. Contact our roofing Melbourne services to determine your next step.
  • Are there cracked or broken tiles? Cracked and broken tiles require immediate restoration. You don’t necessarily need a whole restoration, but if overlooked, water can sip in and damage or rot the timber on your roof.
  • Check for signs of corrosion around gutters, metal fasteners, and fittings. Paint will flake off around the corroded area. Timber will also rot as a result of corrosion.
  • Inspect your roof for signs of mold or moisture.
  • Is there roof valley damage? The roof valleys are a crucial part to the functionality of your roof. A roof valley is very prone to leaks and can be difficult to repair without stripping away substantial sections of your roof.
  • Are there signs of damaged flashings? Flashings are subject to separation and lifting due to the general expansion and contraction that loosens the fasteners. Our roof restoration Melbourne services provides modern metal flashing to avoid leaks and the need for premature roof repair or restoration.


Replacing a good sized section of your roof is likely noticeable. This is because a roof develops a patina with old and matching the color of a newly restored roof, and an aged one is difficult. If you want an even color on your roof, you might want a whole roof restoration rather than a roof repair. Our roofing Melbourne experts will provide you with restorations services that will help you keep your home in best shape.

Approximate cost of repair or replacement

If a roof restoration costs you, $15,000 and a repair will cost you $5,000; you should probably consider a restoring your roof rather than a repair that will only call for another repair in a couple of years. However, if the repair is minor, you can extend the lifespan of your roof by spending a few hundred dollars. We provide general roof repairs Melbourne services at affordable prices.

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